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So I'm still alive. I completed the move. It's still a rental, so no, I'm still too poor to actually afford living here. The electric company may or may not have really cancelled me from the old place (sent me a paper bill, but the system appears to know that I actually got over-charged the last month I was there...). We're slowly adapting or fixing the things here that need adapting to or fixing (like the fact that a hair to the left or right on the shower knob means the difference between maximum scalding hot water, for which purpose we have turned the temp. down on the water heater, and freezing cold water that will turn your nails blue).

My life is currently a sea of cardboard boxes to unpack, and not knowing where X, Y, or Z are. If you want/need my new mailing address, probably best to email me for it, because that's the most likely thing I'll check ^^;; (I'm very delinquent.) I want to have a house-warming party, but I don't think we'll be able to have people over until 2017 with the mess being what it is. I'll have to relate the (ongoing) saga of the wonky closet later.

Also, my coworker Will has convinced me to start playing Guild Wars 2 and join his guild (which incidentally also has a Minecraft server). It's kind of infringing upon Overwatch playing time, but Carmen seems to be done with that game now, so... :/

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How's GW2 nowadays? I only played the first 2 months (Asura mesmer) and quit like most players when I saw how many problems the game had, as well as its deficiencies compared to both GW1 (a fantastic non-MMO game) and its MMO competitors (namely WoW, and now FF14). I have no doubt it's better now than it was at release, but it never breaks into the top 30 streamed games on Twitch so I'm not sure it ever truly recovered from its post-launch mass exodus. Just curious how you feel the game plays nowadays.

It feels really similar to WoW, honestly. Instead of a NE Hunter, I'm a Sylvari Ranger, which somehow turns into a Druid at 80 (vehemently resisting the change ATM). As someone who didn't try it out in the beginning, I don't have a strong basis for comparison.

The only thing that throws me is the blood globe health meter, which I guess is very Diablo-like, and maybe the rarity color system (WHAT DO YOU MEAN GREEN IS BETTER THAN BLUE???). I've only done three dungeons so far, and all of them were done in story mode (I like that there's a story mode and an exploration mode), and I have yet to do any fractals or proper raids. The grind is WAY faster than WoW, and I like that there's an actual story to follow, which I guess was what drew me to SWTOR and ultimately away from WoW--I've always been more of a story/immersion than a game mechanics type.

I hear that it still doesn't hold up to GW1 (which I never played), but it's definitely better than what I have heard it used to be, if that means anything.

Sorry for the really late reply, somehow LJ isn't giving me the notifications of comments on entries anymore, it would seem -_- D'oh.

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