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Xia vs. TV
OH GOD WHY D: D: D: Why did I watch those last 5 episodes of Torchwood that were available on Netflix??!! I hate you, Harkness T_T And whoever wrote that miniseries. Gwaaaaaah~!!! *Kermit flail*


Yeah, I know, it's my own damned fault. -_-

So next up is Battlestar Galactica, the first episode of which I ended up watching with Mike after our The Walking Dead get-together once Kerry tucked the baby in and went to bed herself (since she's already seen it, and Mike is on paternity leave at the moment to take care of the kid). I've seen the old version which... left much to be desired. Sadly, it is taking some effort to get over the fact that they're all wearing their tank tops backwards o_0 And there are some other unfortunate wardrobe choices, but I totally want to know what those sashes are made of because I can't decide if it's just a really fine weave satin or a really thin matte vinyl... Also, 8-bit baby carriages? What? Either way, they handled the exposition pretty well and integrated the reasons for the "antiquated" stuff on the ship up front, so I appreciate that.

In other news, these famous art parodies with a Sci-Fi twist are cool :D And apparently it takes me forever to find out about anything :/ Meh.

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